At youth group tonight we talked about what kinds of things we rely on, and how we can learn to rely more on Jesus.

We prayed this prayer together, and then spent time listening to what God would lay on our hearts:

“Dear Jesus, we are so thankful for you.  Please reveal yourself to us, and teach us to rely on you.”

These are excerpts from how we each different person responded to the prayer:

“In the morning as we rise, you give yourself to us. When we are alone with nobody to talk to us, you are with us, watching us, and protecting us.  When we are in Heaven, you call us to your Kingdom and give us second chances.”

“I’m thankful to have Him to talk to and trust when I feel no one else is listening.  I’ll be scared if He revealed himself.  I’d rather just be able to feel that he’s there.  I know He’s always listening.”

“Makes me think about my life, my future, and the freedoms I’ve been given.  It makes me think about my family, what things I need in life, and beyond.”

“Help me to recognize you during my day when you speak to me.  Let me hear your voice in the needs of others and show me how to use your strength and promises for the good of those who need you.”

“Help me to listen to you more, by looking for what you are doing in the world.  Help me to listen to you in my conservations with others.  Please meet us here in this space.”