Ramsey Church is now in Partnership with J.L. Francis Elementary School 

as a part of the Micah Initiative

Can I Get Involved? Yes, Everyone Can Make a Difference!

From your Home:

Baking and Cooking for End of Year Celebration ‘Book Tasting’  Yummies and Books!

Baking and Cooking for Teacher Appreciation Day

Baking and Cooking for Parent’s Celebration at the end of school year

Send birthday card to kids

Come to the School  just One time during the year as you are available

Reading Volunteers for Dr. Seuss Day March 2nd (Let’s bring a bunch from Ramsey!)

Music skills

Career Day Talk- Lawyers, Nurses, Architects, Accountants, Construction workers etc etc……

Passion for Science


Weed/Plant in the School Garden

Computer skills

Come to the School on a regular basis/weekly/monthly (8:40-3:40 School Day)

Read a book to a class (Grandma and Grandpa types most preferredJ)

Lunch time visitor (Must like noiseJ)

Someone to help the younger children during lunchtime to open up their milk cartons (between 11-noon) (Must like noise and sticky milk fingersJ)

Gardening Help (must like to get hands dirtyJ)

Help in the media center (Books….books….books…..)

Computer Lab

Assisting a child with reading

Assisting a child with math

Assisting a child with writing

Read and comment on student’s writing papers for a teacher (You can take the papers home if you bring them back quickly)

Help with school newspaper

After school programs (3:40- 4:40PM)





Etiquette Class

Teach a Spanish class to Teachers

Teach an English class to Parents


Sponsor a child to Camp –$10 per child All God’s Children Camp (For children of incarcerated parents/or under guardianship)

Sponsor a Cheerleader/Cost of Uniform

The only question that remains  is How will you get involved?

How will your Sunday School class, your men’s group, your women’s circle, your committee, your family, your friends be a part of touching children’s lives right here in our own neighborhood?

Contact Pastor Deb in the Church Office (Or leave a message with Carla or Joyce)

JL Francis Elementary School is located on Snead Road, in our neighborhood just across the street from the church. Take Orcutt Ln, R on Clearfield, L on Snead. Or take Hey Rd.