God uses all things to move our hearts, and among the most powerful are personal stories.  Our Fall 2016 stewardship theme is Extravagant Generosity- the Heart of Giving.  We want to find opportunities in worship, in our small group ministries, and on our website to gather and share stories.  We are particularly looking for stories of what Ramsey Church has meant to you.  What do you love about our church?  Who are some of the special people at Ramsey who have made a difference in your life?  Share your story.

You are invited to tell a story about Ramsey that reflects how God is moving in our congregation.  A quiet word offered in praise is often used by the Spirit to stir the heart of another.

There are two ways we will use your stories:

  1. For those who grant permission, we will use your comments/story in worship or on our website.  You may choose to remain anonymous.  Your story will be reviewed by one of our pastors and prepared for publication.  We will seek to edit the story to retain the author’s message in brief, but effective form.  You may choose to submit a photo with your story.
  2. For those who do not grant permission to use testimony (publically tell your story), we will receive your story with grateful hearts and with thanksgiving for how God is moving in the life of Ramsey Church. We will not publish your story without your permission.

Our stewardship season kicks off Sunday, September 18th and concludes with our Commitment Sunday on October 16th.  In addition to stories being submitted, our worship services will invite participation, storytelling and testimony.  Thank you for your generous giving in the past and we are counting on your continued support.  We look forward to sharing in this time together; may the Spirit bring forth our stories and may our worship and our storytelling be “proofs” of God’s love, grace, and power in our midst!

You can submit a handwritten story, you can email a story, or you can download the storytelling document (provided below) and return it to the church.


Grace upon Grace,

Pastor Deborah