Just These Lines My Friends….

To say that Leslie D. Weatherhead’s timeless classic “The Will of God” is one of my favorite Christian writings.  Throughout my ministry, I have chosen to teach from it in each of the worship settings in which I have served. I was delighted to see that United Methodist Adam Hamilton recently wrote the foreword for an updated edition of the classic; and I am looking forward to preaching a sermon series beginning June 25th.

Dr. Leslie Weatherhead’s ministry lasted from 1915, when he was ordained as a Methodist pastor until his retirement in 1960.  He began his ministry as a missionary to India; he became the pastor of the City Temple in London in 1936.  In his time, he was known as one of the greatest preachers in the world.    After his church was reduced to rubble during the tumultuous days of World War II; he crafted a series of sermons on understanding the will of God to help his congregation in a time of questioning and great religious doubt.  His classic sold more than a million copies and has a been a lifeline for people who are grieving, seeking to understand the intent and will of God in the midst of catastrophe, pain and sorrow.

Weatherhead’s classic is written to help nonreligious people find faith and to help Christians build a faith that can stand steadfast in the face of a changing world. There are many things that keep thinking people from embracing faith; and all believers wrestle with their faith from time to time. During our sermon series we will explore the age old dilemma and tension between belief in a good and loving God and the reality of suffering in our world.

Later in the summer, we will have a second preaching series on what John Wesley expected us to do for children, as the whole church gears up for Vacation Bible School 2017.

Looking forward to the summer-  enjoying sunny days; worship and mission right here at Ramsey Church!

Pastor Deb