The Thursday Morning Prayer Group invites you to join Ramsey Church in daily prayer: Choose a time of day, a length of time, and a particular place in which to pray daily; the repetition of these elements helps to create a supportive rhythm in our prayer life.

A Prayer for Pentecost

O Holy Spirit, Love of God, infuse your grace,
and descend plentifully into my heart.
Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling,
and scatter there your cheerful beams;
Dwell in that soul that longs to be your temple;
water that barren soil, over-run with weeds and briars,
and lost for want of cultivating,
and make it fruitful with your dew from heaven.

O Come, as the refreshment of those that languish and faint.
Come, and like a star,
guide those that sail the tempestuous sea of the world.
You are the only haven of the tossed and shipwrecked.
Come glory and crown of the living,
only safeguard of the dying.
Come, Holy Spirit, in much mercy,
and make us fit to receive you.  Amen.

St. Augustine of Hippo, 354-430; adapted. Copyright © 1993, 2000 Order of Saint Luke Publications.



BUCS  The BUCS Camp & Canoe trip is this weekend!

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY  There will be a 4-week study on Bill Hybels “Too Busy Not to Pray”.  The study will be in room 105 at 6:30pm, on June 13, June 16, June 27, and July 11. This study will encourage us to make prayer a priority and help us to understand how powerful prayer is when we slow down and take time to pray.    We will learn the importance of a consistent time and place for prayer, how to organize prayers, how to hear the Spirit’s promptings and to learn to love prayer time.

MISSION TEAM The Ramsey Mission team is going to Evergreen, VA in the Appomatox Area on June 16th—22nd.

IMPACT RICHMOND  The youth Impact Richmond trip is coming up on July 9th-15th.   Please pray for our youth and chaperones during this life-changing mission experience!

55+  Our next 55+ Luncheon will be on Friday, June 9th at Noon in the Fellowship Hall.  Don’t forget to RSVP and bring a friend!

UMW  There will be a UMW Unit Meeting in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30am on Saturday, June 24th.

Father’s Day  Once again, the Kirkie Powell Class is sponsoring the Father’s Day bulletin  insert.  For only 50 cents, you can honor your Dad on his special day, June 18.  Envelopes will be in the pew racks for your convenience.

VBS This year’s Vacation Bible School is entitled “Conquer the Day”.  In CONQUER THE DAY, kids will learn how to be “Superheroes of the Faith” through the choices they make in their lives.  We will be studying David and the choices he made from a young David who was chosen by God, to David who conquered Goliath, and David who honored God.  Vacation Bible School is for ages Preschool through sixth grade.  It is the week of July 24th through July 28th, Monday – Friday, from 6:00pm – 8:30pm.  A light supper will be served from 6:00 – 6:30pm every night.  Please mark your calendars and ask friends to come with you for this exciting week of Vacation Bible School when we learn to be superheroes for God.