A Word from Pastor Norma

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. 1 Corinthian 12:4-6.

One of the experiences that I had during the last days in the life of my father, is that God in  his great mercy is constantly blessing us with Holy moments.  God has blessed us here at Ramsey with a ministry that is touching many lives through the prayer shawls. I give thanks to God for those who with much prayer, love, and dedication work so diligently creating the prayer shawls for those in need of a warm expression of love and prayer in their most difficult times. This is a  ministry that deserves so much recognition, and many times I have forgotten to say thank you.  I would like to extend my greatest gratitude and appreciation to this wonderful ministry team. Thank you! Thank you for blessing my papá’s life with love and prayers with a shawl created by one of you.  I would like to share a story which I have called, “the story of the traveling shawl.”

During my father’s illness, I took with me one of the prayer shawls made by one and all of you, my beautiful sisters. When I  shared with my Papá the meaning of the prayer shawl, he was comforted and immediately embraced it. The prayer shawl traveled about 682 miles to bring a loving touch to papá Chepe (as we called him) and he kept the shawl close to him until the day he was taken from his hospice room to the emergency room. Due to the emergency, his belongings were left behind at his hospice room. When my papá was near his last day, we went to his hospice room to pick up his belongings, including the prayer shawl.

After gathering his belongings, we left; but as we were on our way, my sister stopped me and said, “Will it bother you if I give the shawl to this lady who is sitting in that wheelchair next to the reception room?  One day, she came to papa’s room for a visit and she took the shawl and hugged it, then she hid it under the mattress next to my papa’s bed. She really liked the shawl; but her nurse came to take her back to her room, forgetting all about the shawl under the mattress. Then, Papá who saw what she did, asked me to take it back and put it at the foot of his bed.”  After hearing such a sweet story, my answer was,  “of course, yes, I’m sure she needs it just like Papá”, and so I gave her the shawl, which without any word, she accepted it.  This for me was a Holy moment.

It is my prayer that the prayer shawl that traveled from Richmond to Ormond Beach, FL continues to travel and its meaning which is now silent may continue touching the lives of those who embrace it; feeling in their lives the loving touch of those hands that made it and receiving the comfort of the many voices who prayed as the shawl was made. I thank God for all of you and may your hands continue to be God’s instrument, blessing others with comfort, hope, and peace. Thank you for your love, dedication, and prayers.  May those who have received or will receive the prayer shawls feel the loving presence and healing touch of our precious Lord.

With a sincere and grateful heart, your sister and Servant in Christ,

Pastora Norma