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Just These Lines My Friends – September

by admin

    Just these lines my friends…  To say it is September, and for many that means back to school, and back to church… after times of needed rest, and spending time away with   family and friends.  At our August Church Council meeting, a topic of discussion was long range planning for our church and its ministries. […]

    “Just These Lines” for June – from Pastor Deb

    by admin

      Just These Lines My Friends…. To say that I am looking forward to a summer of mission opportunities right here at Ramsey Church! On June 14th, Ramsey volunteers will help with the Book Tasting reading event at J. L. Francis Elementary School.  In the third full week of June, a Ramsey Mission team will be […]

      Just These Lines My Friends to say that Prayer changes things…

      by admin

        What is God calling me to be in life of the body of Christ?   Here are some of my answers to this prayer of discernment: a beloved child of God, a mind and heart prepared worshiper, a servant leader, a minister of the Word and Sacrament, Order and Service.  I recall a mentor’s words to […]

        Just These Lines My Friends…. February reflections from Pastor Deb.

        by admin

          Just These Lines My Friends….  From Pastor Deb. To say that I am looking forward to a preaching series on marriage and family life. Every year of my ministry I have chosen in some way to preach on the covenant of Christian marriage. In the past, I have led marriage enrichment classes and divorce recovery […]

          Autumn Blessings from Pastor Deb

          by Deborah Koontz

            Just These Lines My Friends….  What a beautiful fall season is upon us! For many of us, autumn is a time of enjoying cooler breezes, colorful vistas, and perhaps a bit of nostalgia.  This time of year it is a common human experience to consider where we are, where we have been and what God […]