Manns Church Stained Glass Window

Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church was organized in 1908, known then as Manns Chapel. Manns Chapel was a mission of West End Methodist Church of Richmond. Dr. J. M. Rowland, pastor of West End Methodist Church began a Sunday School which was held in the afternoon of each Sunday; and a prayer meeting was conducted every Sunday evening by the laymen. In 1912, the Mission was organized into a church with fourteen charter members. Dr. J. M. Rowland continued as pastor.

In 1919, Manns Church was placed on the West Chesterfield Charge with Reverend E. E. Henley as pastor.

Church Construction- 1930

In 1930, a new church was built on a lot, donated by Mr. W. P. Varnier, across the highway from the old church site. This determined the location of the present buildings and additional adjoining land to be the site of proposed new buildings for the future. The new church building was designed by Mr. Emanuel Yoss and built by Mr. H. G. Bangle, contractor, at a cost of $10.000.The name of the church was changed to Ramsey Memorial Methodist Church in honor of Mrs. Lula Ramsey, who made a generous contribution to the new church. A note burning in 1942 marked the retirement of all indebtedness.

Lula Ramsey

In 1937, Ramsey Memorial Methodist Church was put on the Richmond District and in 1945 became a station church. In 1949, a basement floor with foundations for a three story addition was constructed.

Church – 1952

In 1952, the two upper stories and an enlargement and redecoration of the sanctuary were completed and additional land adjoining the church property was purchased to be used for parking and future building. In 1958, a building fund drive was launched to retire the existing indebtedness and to erect a new educational building.

Recent years have seen the purchase of additional land adjoining the church property, construction of a picnic shelter, air conditioning of the church and, most recently, the addition of our Christian Life Center, with additional greeting space and an elevator to allow easier access to all levels of the church.